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Ros & Richard


09.2017 Thanks Zhenya for making this wonderful adventure happen. Special thanks to Olga, our very generous hosts Sergey, Sveta, Zhenya for welcoming us to their patch of paradise – Abundant fruits, vegies, flowers and the banya – the beating massage, cold plunge pod and the divine hot seeming pool. The traditional cooking of the fish soup over the fire and all the delicious fresh fish will be in our memories forever. Thanks Sergey for taking us to Kuril Lake and all those delightful Brown Bears – The 3 little cubs running past us to their mother was an unforgettable experience. We appreciated being in your friends hut at Kuril Lake. Thanks also to Victoria, our enthusiastic interpreter. Thanks to Gena “Our God of the Mountains” for a very exciting adventurous trip to White Waterfalls, Koshelevsky and Kambalny Volcanoes. We had very wet day but the heavens cleared and we could see this magnificent country in all her glory. We have never seen such stunning country, such diverse country with contrasting colours, femoral activity, hot thermal streams (sheer bliss for tired limbs!). Not a trek for the feint hearted - us Aussies not use to snow, those hardy thick trees, slippery slopes added to the challenge. What a trek – the rewards were so so worth it! Gena knows his country like the beck of his hand and new when to abort and take us back to safety before the Typhoon struck. We are proud to be your first Australians – and the oldest as well!! With much love to you all. Ros & Richard – from the “hand Down Under”- hope to see you again in 2018. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hVfC9_q2YU&t=60s www.youtube.com/watch?v=raPb-p-YJ3s

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